Looking for a O&A bit with Dice

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when the bubbles stop four more to go
The one where Dice is doing Eric Roberts and cursing the boys keep having to dump out.

turn on your XM now, it's been nothing but Dice since 9pm


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If you check some stuff on spreadtheonavirus.com, they probably have many many Dice bits. I know they've definitely got the Dice and Vos bit.


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My favorite dice bit was w/ Jay Mohr. "Hey Joey Get Off the Roof Now"
Liiiinger Lonnnnger

Also, the silent game is classic.

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whens the last time Dice came on, I never heard him on O&A before


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whens the last time Dice came on, I never heard him on O&A before
Not since WNEW when they got fired. Dice went to the dark side since the boys din have a radio show any more. Then Dice trumped up some charges against Opie talking about his kids so he has an excuse for hiding.... er not speaking to them anymore.
The last time I heard Dice on the radio, he was on Kidd Chris whining about Opie. Chris would turn his phone down and go on with the show, come back 10 minutes later and Dice would still be going like nothing happened. I think maybe he got 30 seconds of air time in an hour.

That was probably the last funny thing I heard on Chris's show before the dreaded lawyers got their filthy hooks into it. Anyone who thinks he'll do better in mornings than O&A is a fucking moron.


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I have been using limewire lately and gotten a ton of stuff from there. Its free and unfortunately the sound quality in some of the clips are horrible but Im currently listening to the 9/12 show from 2001....damn. So many great clips there, old Bruer and some shit they did back in the day that they should have been fired for...Louie Andersons favorite barnyard animal? Louie loves the cock, a big fat cock, and his favorite occupation? Whats a blow? Straight to the Van Halen song...