Looking for car antenna for Roady XT:

Mother Shucker

I'm over here now.
Anyone know of or have one? I just jumped back in the XM pool due to there offer of $25 for five months with no activation fee. Problem is, a few months ago I bought a new BBQ grill and when I took it out of my van, I inadvertently cut the antenna wire. It was no big deal as I had dumped my sub a while back. I do have another one, but it is the one I used to use years ago when I was working in a patrol car. I would just undock the Roady, and had a second antenna and power cord. Problem is, from the wear and tear of hooking it up every day, it has a short in it.

Now I have looked on line, but all they have are these short corded ones:

So I am looking for one with a longer cord. Anyone?


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
do you still have the old one? the other option is to just click myradiostore.com ziggy has all that shit. if you have the old one you can fix it. its a shame i got rid of all my spare shit when the old lady moved out. including a few xm antennas


Not SHWOOGIE nuts!!
Yeah My radio store. Search ultra
micro antenna. 20' cord compatible with all..
I might have a spare one laying around here with the long cord. If I can find it I'll send it your way.