Louie CK @ Northfork Theater 11/17

opack fan

Three rights make a left...... Chester?
Very excited to be going to the show. It will be my first time seeing him live .
Just wondering if there will be any fellow baggers there........

i'll be there, and i may still have an extra ticket i'll need to get rid of, so please, someone be interested, lol.

ol' Cabey leg

As in Ol' (Darryl) Cabey leg
Went last night. Louis puts on a great show. Not a fan of the opener though.
yeah, the opener was pretty bad. louie was amazing. the bit about jerking off after 9/11 was incredible. i was surprised there were so many older people though. didnt look like the type of people that would enjoy his material.


there are older people no matter what show u go to at westbury

opack fan

Three rights make a left...... Chester?
I thought Louie killed! And like a real true friend of the show right after he was outside taking pictures and signing stuff for the fans! He is good egg! The opener was a cross between Borat/Greg Brady. GREAT SHOW!