Louis CK - Thursday, Oct 4 in wichita ks -Cancelled *Sorry*




I'm really sorry but I'm cancelling this gig. I got a part in a movie where I play a fat person who looks like me. Anyway I'm still doing Kansas City but Wichita had to go. I hate cancelling things so I'm really really sorry. I don't know if it's on their website yet so I'm letting you know now.


Louis CK

are you fucking shitting me, no one ever comes to ks, the one fucking time someone from the show or anyone half ass cool shows up cancels, give me a fucking break.


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no shit, and you wonder why they dont come there?
well everyone goes to kc or okc but skip wichita or area. so i was goign to be nice to have a show somewhat local.

sorry i was really looking forward to watching him and doing stuff that nite.


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hey i would have gone too, but dont shit on the guy cause he had another opportunity to further his career.

snail trails

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suppose to be rescheduled jan or feb i was told by the place so hope it all works out.