Luckily the horses Opie and Anthony survive starvation attempt


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WTF? Which pest didn't feed his horses?

Owners of surviving horses in Portage County try to nurture animals back to health

BRIMFIELD -- Many viewers were shocked and outraged last night by our report, about horses starved to death in Portage County.
An 8-year-old mare named Bonnie-Jo should be in her prime now. Instead her thick winter coat can't cover up the protruding bones under her skin.

As she munches on hay in a warm barn, a girl, 13-year-old Lindsey Call, kisses her and says, "I love you Bonnie-Jo."

After last year's county fairs and riding season, Lindsey's family decided to board Bonnie-Jo and other horses strong enough to win prizes. They chose Never Rest Ranch in Brimfield Township.

The family says regular phone calls were made to the ranch, and they were told all the horses were fine, but three of their horses starved to death.

Brimfield police and the Portage County Animal Protective League say they found a total of five dead horses on the farm. They are considering cruelty charges against the owner.

Of the 20 horses found alive, four have been taken to foster homes.

Two, named Opie and Anthony are at the Geauga County Humane shelter.

The Portage County Animal Protective League is asking for donations of quality hay or money to pay veterinarians for the 4 horses that are in foster homes.



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Mel stole their food and gave it to Beth O.


Is alive.
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Yea, that is a shame about Opie and Anthony.


That sickens me. Action needs to be taken immediately. I hope we can band together as a community and do what is necessary.


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Hellooooo Elmers Factory!
You'd think with doing 2 radio shows they'd be able to afford decent stables and hay to eat.


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Sounds like a 2 hour block is gonna open up for Dave on xm 202

And Jimmy will have no more tails to hang onto.


the Lil'Jimmy horse is working up on a farm in seattle....
Which bagger is the horse lover?

Guess me... and that is a cute horse... and this my Quarter Horse... and horse are basically really fucking huge cats... ummm not that hard to keep them fed... basically costs a pack of smokes to keep them fed a day... hay/grain... well New Hampshire smokes... ::cough::

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I bring love and cheer.
Get My Hammer And Meat Hook Sam Were Visiting The DOG Food Factory

These Horses Are Ready To Be Served With Gravy Sam

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I love my Dead Grandma...
Hoo-hoo...I have been starving my horse-tooth-jackass producer for years and never got this kind of press!!!
Them I even proposed to a horse and these peolpe come along to steal my thunder???

They are rippin' me off Robin.
Tell 'em Fred!!!


I am from Kent, which is next to Brimfield. Brimfield is a fucking horrible place, we actually call it Brimtucky. No fucking surprise that a horse starvation incident came out of there.

Thank goodness there are still a few horse glue factories left, or maybe they will become dog meat. I could feed my dogs with emaciated horse! I would pay extra for such a delicacy to feed my dogs.