Mac G4 AGP upgrades potential


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I just recieved a free Power Mac G4 AGP 400mhz. Sonnet Technology makes a replacement CPU for a couple hundred bucks to bring it up to a 1.2mhz. A 2.0 USB upgrade card runs about $30. Mac Leopard OS for about $109. A couple of memory stick. Is it worth the couple of buck to bring it up to speed or and im just putting a shine on a turd? I don't know much about Mac so anything you all can advise me on would be helpful.


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I heard Leopard runs like shit if it runs at all on the old G4, but I'm new to the Mac scene, I just bought a Macbook Pro and love it.

You're best bet would be to go to some Mac Forums and ask there.


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What do you plan on using the Mac for?

For the most part, you are shining a turd if you plan to spend a couple hundred bucks upgrading that machine. Depending on what you want to use the Mac for, you are better off spending about $500 and buying a new Mac Mini which will blow the doors off anything you could upgrade in that machine (unless you want to game on it). I have the same machine (G4 Sawtooth) and contemplated upgrading it, but realized it would be a much more pleasant experience if I just bought a Mini. So I did, and it is a great machine for everything, except games.

As far as Leopard goes, anything less than a 867 MHz G4 is not supported. There are some hacks to install Leopard on a lesser machine, but it might not be worth the effort. You will lose the eye candy and it may run very choppy.

Whatever you decide to do, remember MacWorld '08 is happening on January 15th, so you might want to just hold off until then. They might announce some new hardware.


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I have heard of leopard not installing on some upgraded CPUs also more software will run on intel hardware better. those minis are a good setup and you get the mac os