Mac Help With Sound Effects. I Fuuuuucked Up

I decided to clean my keyboard with some clorox wipes, while everything was running and of course I fucked some stuff up.

I had Voice-over going, and 20 windows open, etc.
I managed to get everything back to how it was, except for those damn sound effects on MAC.
The "Blings" and "Blongs" "Tink" etc when you minimize or open something or move the arrow keys down.

I can't figure out how to mute them, or disable them...

I get to the "Sound" in System Preferences, but I can't get the right combo to turn them off.
I have the 2 options unclicked.
I've tried to hit "Mute", but it just mutes the volume overall, and they're back when you turn on volume.
I've slid the alert volume to "0" and still they "BLING" and "BLOOP"

What the balls.
I also changed the "Play sound effects through" to other choices, and nothin'
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I think that should solve your problems sir, but I am a Linux user so I cannot be 100% positive.
In all seriousness, go to the terminal menu then window settings (or command-I if memory serves). In the dropdown select emulation and uncheck audible bell. You can always restore the system defaults too.
I'm not seeing that option in terminal settings.

How can this be this hard? I've searched through like 10 different Yahoo Answers.
I have crickets chirping, blongs, blings, who the fuck wants these noises?
I actually did, when it says to feed the sound effects through another option or output, I have 2 options.

"Internal Speakers" and "Select Device" or "Headphones" if those are in, that's it.
Both don't work.

How would I just restore the defaults?
I think I fixed it...
I had to go to "Universal" and turn some stuff off.

I'll clean my keyboard while it's off from now on


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I just saw this topic, and to be honest I don't have a fix! I just ignore the sounds, honestly. :)


it's a man, baby!!!
maybe unplug the keyboard

plug it back in when done cleaning it


it's a man, baby!!!
try going into the disk utility and doing a repair permissions

sometimes that will clear up weird stuff happening

should be done monthly or so