Mac OS X 10.7 Lion new install/upgrade thread


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I just updated to 10.7 Lion and am now getting used to it

I like the full screen aspect of all the apps now

I have always used 4 or more desktops and now it seems to be easier

having wackbag full screen is nice


I am debating on upgrading my kids macbook to lion......she seems to be good to go with snow leopard. Is lion that much better?

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Installed it; seems to work pretty good. There's some wackiness with Adobe Creative Suite.
In general, Adobe is crying foul play at Apple; saying that they yanked hardware support for Flash. They had to retract that statement.
Adobe is full of shit.


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Downloaded yesterday and burned myself a boot disc. I'll run the upgrade tonight after work and post back after I have.


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Yeah; Lion actually fixed a problem with my new iMac. I had a "reboot" problem; the mac would only boot to it's internal drive. Couldn't get it to boot from an external no matter what I did. Looked online for help, many people said it was a hardware issue and they had to take it to Apple to fix. Installed Lion and burned a backup disc and it booted to the disc! Don't know why it worked, but it did!