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Preface: If you set me loose in a PC store, I could have you a slick gaming rig set up and ready to go in under 2 hours. That's for Windows based PC's. I'm well versed in Windows, and PC's you basically put together yourself. My heart lies with nVidia, and I like my Random Access Memory as much as the next dork. That being said...

I know fuck all about Apple/Mac PC's.
Next to nothing. I can't navigate that goofy OS to save my life. Which is a goddam shame, as I've been afforded a unique opportunity.

My neighbors are gone for a month, and I'm housesitting for them. Feed the cat/fish. Make sure the place doesn't burn down. Check the locks, etc.

I'm goddam dead to rights sure they're absolutely filthy in the sack.
The wife especially. If you're good at reading people, you can just tell.

Given I've a month to dig around their PC's, I plan on finding all their porn, as any good housesitter/neighbor would do.

Any baggers out there have any advice on how to navigate an Apple/Mac to find the goods? I can find it on a Windows OS instantly. But those Mac's I have zero experience with. Of course, for any good eggs that can shed some light on my scumbaggery, the spoils can be shared.


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