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The long-planned MacGyver movie is picking up steam. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that New Line is negotiating with James Wan to come aboard the project, based on the 1980s television series about a resourceful detective (Richard Dean Anderson) who could bring together everyday objects to solve crimes and escape perilous situations. Jason Richman (Bangkok Dangerous) has written the script, with revisions by Brian and Mark Gunn. Wan is one of the creators of the low-budget horror franchise Saw and has a big hit with the 2010 microbudget horror film Insidious. He has The Conjuring coming from New Line next summer. Wan's involvement could indicate that the studio is interested in MacGyver being a more smaller-budgeted film than its action-oriented source material might indicate and that it will not be a comedy. (MacGruber basically took that approach.) Raffaella and Martha De Laurentiis are producing, along with series creator Lee Zlotoff.

who should they get to play Macgyver?

there's also a Macgyver comic out now.
I feel like there's only 2 people who would care about this


well shit the bed
they should get jonah hill to play macgyver but as a cooky, whacky macgyver so that way the next movie theater shooting will be totally justified.