Madden 2002

Ok there i was in ToysRus today in there video game section and i see on the shelves the new Madden 2002 for PS1 is out. They have it out so you can play it there. I started playing the game and the something pissed me off when i seriously thought about. This fucking game never changes. Its the same dam thing year in and year out. The only thing that changes is the players. I dunno how the game is for PS2 but i played last years version at my freinds house and it kicked ass but im sure now when he gets 2002 it is gonna be the same thing as last years only there will be different players.
Then someone there was looking for the Madden 2002 Strategy guide and i said what the hell do you need that for its the same dam game.


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The PS2 game is good the game play is the same but with better coverage and the graphics are sick they could have added a few more extras but still a great game to play. The ps1 I feel has maxed out its potential and has left no room for improvement and I agree they do need to get more creative.