What magazines do you guys read every month. I read Maxium, The Source, Lowrider, and various video game mags. WOW is a good wrestling mag too.


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Newsweek and some gaming magazines also.


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This week I am giving TIME a read but I am a non reader because Im way to busy and a retarded SOB lol
I would also like to add that i read the articles in Playboy from time to time ;)


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I don't read much, maybe the newpaper everyday. As for monthly mag's. I would say umm none. Internet provides the porn, as well as the black box on the TV. So I don't bother buying playboy's. Anything else would be uncivilized. Occasionally a video mag.
Daily newspapers, 3 on Sunday. TV guide (but I don't collect them like Mr. Costanza}, and Winston Cup Scene. Also the occasional NewYorker, and Smithsonian.


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what about penthouse and playboy


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I read red book,Cosmo Mostly the chick mags..
and also Men's health Some intersting things are there..
Stepping out mag when I get a chance I read that also


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what mag are the guys in this week?
do any one know :confused:


does anyone read stuff?? i like it better then all the others like it maxim etc.
I dont usually read i look at the pictures. I like Maxim that is the best mag.