mainelli disses opie

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22 double shots of eggnog = puke
Dec 20, 2003
Glendale,Queens. NY
I can across this article by mainelli:

Here is an excerpt followed by the link if you want to read the drivel:

How is it possible to succeed with young-guy talk without resorting to cheap-shot beer & babes?

Two ingredients: humor and subversive-ness. Tell me what young guy doesn’t crave both, won’t tell all his friends, and won’t force his girlfriend to listen?

In these lawyered-up days of tight-assed P.C., young guys need freedom. A chance to laugh. A chance to satirize. A chance to vent. (Can you believe Fox’s over-bleeping at the Emmys?)

Now I’m going to give you some names for this format, since I’m tired of hearing, “There’s no talent out there.” This consultation is so valuable that you’re going to have to declare it on your income tax even if you just read it.

In no apparent order, without even thinking too hard: Bill Burr & Joe DeRosa; Patrice Oneal; Nick DiPaolo; Tom Leykis (V1.0); Bob Kelly; Mos Def; Jim Norton (maybe partnered with Anthony Cumia if the latter promises to work harder and play with his money only on weekends); Lynn Samuels; Ron & Fez; Lionel; JV & Elvis; Scott Ferrall; Jim Florentine; Phil Hendrie (if he’ll hang his bits more often on current events).

Not open for further replies.