Make No Mistake

Make no mistake about cause things aint what they seem, Im gonna scream and shout it this is just a dream yeah... Her simple conversation everynow i ran, a touchy situation facinates a man, What shall i do if i see you hard and have to pretend that we have never met.

Ah its a good sensation when you touch me with your hand yeah a touchy situation you hypnotize a man, how are you gonna hide it this thing with you and me, everyone can tell by now i just cant lie and see yet.

What shall i say to hide it, no words can compare your lips melting into mine ahhhh make no mistake no mistake no mistake about it no mistake no mistake about it.

Make no mistake about im gonna make you mine
yeah i wont talk it over im running out of time.

Ive made up my mind about you i know in my heart you have the same feeling i feel. This is it make no mistake no mistake about it.