Makin some Good Eats beef stew today


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I'm 2 hours in to the meat braise at the moment.

Modifying the recipe by reducing the amount of onions, and adding celery and green onion.


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Alton rules. My wife turned me on to Good Eats.


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Ron and Fez turned me on to Alton Brown years ago in an interview, and Alton Brown turned me onto cooking. I never knew how great it could be.


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this is the best method for slow cooking beef imo
i use it for stew and a few other things too


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It was fucking fantastic. At the end, I poured in a half carton of beef stock to give some more liquid to it. One bowl left, and that will be given to a friend tomorrow.

It was alot of work, but it was honestly the best beef stew I have ever eaten.


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The best things take time but the payoff is worth it.


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Is there a link to the actual recipe?
Never mind I found it.


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I do the same thing with the paprika when I make beef stew - it's basically like marinating it in paprika. Everything else I put in is essentially the same too (no tomato though, just doesn't sound right). Cant wait to try out that braising method one of these days.


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Looks good. Annoyingly time consuming, but good.


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Too bad I'm not a fan of the beef stew. Still watched the episode since it's alton.

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To those who made this, did you add the full amount of apple cider vinegar?


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Thanks for sparing me from the video. Who watches this annoying asshat? Say "uh" one more time, you pig-nosed fuck.
You go to Hell. You go to Hell and you die. Alton is God you pigfucker.


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Making another batch tomorrow. Adding in half a brisket along with approximately double the amount of beef back ribs for a nice triple batch. This should ensure there will be leftovers this time!

I already cooked the brisket tonight as per the usual way, after cutting it up into 2" X 2" cubes and browning just as I did the ribs. That way I will just have the ribs to do tomorrow and the final assembly.

Since I have all 14 seasons of Good Eats, I have been going back and watching several of them and have been trying out other recipes. What, you ask? Well that's a different post....

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I've used his turkey brine/baby back ribs/leek soup/pizza dough recipes many times and everything I've ever made of his has come out very good.