Man accused of attacking mom in Phoenix hospital


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Apr 22, 2002
Man accused of attacking mom in Phoenix hospital

by Liz Kotalik - Mar. 13, 2012 04:55 PM
The Arizona Republic-12 News Breaking News Team

Phoenix police have arrested a Washington state man who they say attempted to choke his mother to death while he was visiting her in a Phoenix hospital Monday.
Alex Guy Gillis Thrasher, 25, admitted to police that wanted to kill his mother, Leslie Ann Marie Clark, because she was mean, called him names and did not contribute to society, police reports said.
Documents filed with the Maricopa County Superior Court give this account:
Just before the attack, Thrasher was apparently leaving his mother's private room at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix to smoke a cigarette.
Clark said she noticed that her son had paused behind a privacy curtain in the room. When she asked what he was doing, Thrasher, who is 6-foot-5 and approximately 250 pounds, climbed into her bed and began strangling her.
When Clark tried to fight back, Thrasher would strengthen his grip. As the mother was on the verge of passing out, hospital staffers entered the room and forcibly removed Thrasher.
One nurse told investigators that Thrasher was smiling after the incident and that she heard him say, "That was fun." Investigators said Thrasher later described the experience of attempting to kill his mother as "a trip."
Clark told police that this was not the first time her son had been violent toward her.
But Clark did not think her son was trying to kill her during those incidents, according to police.
Thrasher and his mother were both visiting Arizona from Bellingham, Wash.

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Mar 10, 2006
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Chris Rock...

Now I'm not saying he should have tried to kill her... but I understand.

Who hasn't wanted to choke the life out of their mother and smile while doing it at some point in their lives?

Motor Head

Jan 23, 2006
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So she was mean and called him names. Did she ground you from riding bikes with your friends and make you eat vegetables too? This guy is hilarious!


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Mar 2, 2006
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"because she was mean, called him names and did not contribute to society"

I'm with ya man.