Man 'Aw, You Suck At Darts,' Cop 'I Can Do Whatever I Want' HEADSHOT


Darkness always says hello.
A man at a bar in Murrieta, California ribbed an off-duty cop that he 'suck[ed] at darts,' the cop, 42-year-old Dayle Long, reportedly responded by pulling out a gun and executing him in front of a shocked crowd in an incident one man described as 'the most horrific scene I've seen in my entire life.' reports:

Chris Hull, a 39-year-old Temecula resident, said he was inside the bar and saw the shooting happen.

Hull said he witnessed a man walking up while Hull and a group of friends were playing darts. The man reportedly identified himself as an off-duty cop and started a discussion with the group about darts.

“We were playing darts, and he says 'I’m better at darts than you are,”' Hull said.

“My buddy says, ‘Aw, you suck at darts.’ (The man) says, ‘That’s why I’m a cop, I can do whatever I want to do.’”

Hull said his friend, identified only as Danny, asked the man, “Really, you can do anything?” The man then pulled out his gun, Hull said, and after the group repeatedly asked him to put it away he “pops three rounds into my friend Sam.”

Hull identified his friend as Sam Venettes. He didn't answer a request for Vanette's age or hometown, but said he was a "hardworking guy" who "works three jobs."

Police have not released any information on the name of the victim.

"I just watched the most horrific scene I've seen in my entire life," Hull told Patch.

"This is the worst day of my life."

It should be noted, the cop was a 10-year veteran of the force.


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The suspect must have been interfering with official government business. I would be surprised if he does any jail time and even more surprised if he gets fired.

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Temecula... Anyone seen PartyCock recently?
I'm all well and good but...:icon_cool

I was going to post this story yesterday. Murrieta's had a couple of really bad incidents this week, which is really rare for them. It's a nice affluent suburb bordering Temecula. The other one was a stabbing murder in a home in a nice neighborhood.


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May have sucked at darts but his marksmanship was pretty good.


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But weed is the intoxicant that we have to make sure people don't have access to.

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Yo, homie. Is that my briefcase?

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Has the coroner's office given any word on the point value of the wounds?

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He will be treated slightly better than the chomos & the snitches in prison. He would have been better off shooting up the entire bar and saving the last bullet for a 2000mph snort.