Man charged in arson on Ohio Mosque on Sunday

BG scholar: Muslims likely scared, but will rebound from mosque fire

BGSU scholar Marne Austin believes the fire intentionally set at the Perrysburg mosque will only further cement the Muslim community’s resolve to practice their faith.

“The community is resilient and they are some of the most intelligent people I have met,” she said.

Austin is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the School of Media and Communication who is focusing on the topic of Muslim identity in an anti-Islamic environment. We became friends while I was getting my master’s; I began to admire her when I saw her passion for interviewing Muslim women as part of her doctoral research.

“What saddens me most about it is the fact that it happened in an otherwise peaceful community,” Austin said. “The Muslim population has been here for decades. They are well-regarded and contributing members of society.”

Austin said the mosque is left open to the public because local Muslims want to be transparent and welcoming. The accused arsonist from Indiana violated that ideal by going into the mosque Sept. 30 and setting fire to the prayer area.

“This is a particular community that shows great integration, and the women I have interviewed don’t report any outright anti-Muslim sentiment,” Austin said. “It is sad because if there is one place where things are good for them, it could be here.

“Unfortunately, it shows that the best of places are subject to hate.”

While Austin said it is too early to label this a hate crime, she said any violence is a hate crime.
“It doesn’t have to be toward a certain group or religion. The fact that someone had to plan it and do it, it is hate.”

Austin has been encouraging Facebook friends to change their profile photo to the mosque. She is glad the arson is getting front-page attention, but wishes more Muslims would be asked — or willing — to be interviewed. If more people hear the Muslim perspective, they will realize this is impacting their friends, co-workers and neighbors, she said.

The Muslim women she has seen on Facebook are questioning why this is happening, while also asking for prayers.

“It would be a lie to say they won’t be impacted or won’t be scared. If this happened to a school or synagogue, people would be impacted, but I think they will be resilient and keep going,” she said. “They are going to pray outside the mosque; they are going to pray in their homes.”

And most notably, “Their first thought will be to pray for the man who caused the fire, not vengeance,” Austin said.

Hate crime charges filed in local mosque fire


BOWLING GREEN - Federal officials held a news conference today to announce that hate crime charges have been filed in the religiously-motivated attack on the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo.
During the news conference at the Wood County Prosecutor's Office, the officials said the hate crime charges are being filed against Randy Linn, 52, a trucker from St. Joe, Ind., who is being held in the Wood County jail in lieu of $400,000 on two counts of arson, and one count each of aggravated burglary and carrying a concealed weapon.

The local charges will be dropped and Mr. Linn will be transferred to a federal facility.
He is accused of intentionally setting the mosque on fire Sunday. Federal and Ohio authorities named him as “the person of interest” captured by a surveillance camera outside the Islamic Center in Perrysburg Township during the fire

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Hell I was implying that HHD was doing it to make conservatives look bad....thermite paint, chem trails and florid and all that other Kirk bullshit aside.
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