Man Charged With Groping Kids in Library

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Police have arrested a Brooklyn man on charges he sexually abused two young girls in a public library.

Authorities took 49-year-old Joel Grubert into custody on Saturday.

Police say that on June 23, he was in a library in Flushing when he approached two girls, one 6, the other 9, and inappropriately touched them.

Grubert is charged with sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to the state sex offender database, Grubert has a history of molesting young girls and possessing child pornography.

In 2004 he was arrested and convicted for possessing a sexual performance by a child less than 16 years of age, according to the Public Registry of Sex Offenders.

No information on an attorney was immediately available.


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he was in the library reading "Horton Touched A Kid" and his perv switch went.

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It's all lies! He doesn't even know any girl named Megan Slaw!


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"He didn't do nuttin wrong! He wuz just teachin 'em how to touch a little boy like I .... I mean he likes!" /Uncle Paul


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Where do sex offenders find work? I've heard that the painting profession is a haven for sketchy dudes. So keep tabs on those freaks if you hire painters at your house. Seriously I would think sooner of later they would have to start their own business because almost nobody is gonna hire them.


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Oh Uncle Joel!


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Did they get introduced to his "book worm"?


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Were they in the Dickens section? Rookie mistake.


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Oh the places I'll touch.
Touches in Bunches.
How the Grinch stole my memories.

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"Yes, I'd touch them in a box.
Yes, I'd touch them with a fox.
I SO would touch them here or there.
I guess I'd touch them anywhere.
(And everywhere.)"

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- The Hardy Boys: The Bleeding Anus

- The LureAss


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