Man Claims ‘World’s Largest Penis’ Got Him Frisked At SFO

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The jokes write themselves... San Francisco airport, etc, etc.

Man Claims ‘World’s Largest Penis’ Got Him Frisked At SFO

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A man famous for having one of the largest penises on record said he was frisked by TSA agents at San Francisco International Airport after they suspected he was hiding something in his pants, according to his Twitter account.

New York native Jonah Falcon, 41, reported on July 9th that he was returning from a weekend in San Francisco when he was delayed by TSA agents who became curious about the bulge in his pants.

TSA didn’t know what to make of the massive bulge on my thigh. Even after I went through that body scanner that shows you naked,” Falcon said on his Twitter page.

According to online reports, Falcon’s penis is nearly 10 inches long when flaccid, and more than 13 inches long when erect. Online articles suggest it is the largest ever recorded.

On his Facebook page he lists his favorite quote as, “Yes, it really is that big. See, you can fit more than three hands on it.”

Falcon said he said he was subjected to both a metal detector and a body scanner before being selected for additional screening. He said he was eventually released and allowed to catch his flight.

“Two hour delay…Fun trip home (sarcasm mode),” he tweeted.

Falcon has worked as a gaming journalist and actor. He lists several television and film credits, and was featured in a 1999 HBO documentary profiling men with large penises.
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Kirk, where you at? You have everything you ever desired in one thread little buddy.


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That honestly has to suck consider most women don't want to be in extreme pain during sex.


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Yeah, I Googled it but The Fez man requested it. Not sure why he looks like he is pooping and is going to catch it but there you go Fez Man! Enjoy!


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wasn't he on Howard Stern once?
Even better, he was on O&A.

This guy used to troll reddit, bragging how he didn't like to bring up his big cock and then bringing it up in every thread.