man convicted for planking


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DECEMBER 8--The “planking” craze has claimed its first victim, legally speaking.

A 19-year-old Wisconsin man was convicted this week of a “planking” spree that included him lying atop a police squad car, a bank ATM machine, and merchandise displays at Walmart and Lowe's stores.

A Municipal Court judge in Manitowoc found Alexander Hart guilty of disorderly conduct on the strength of “planking” photos that were posted earlier this year to his Facebook page, as well as an incriminating YouTube video. A city prosecutor’s evidence against Hart consisted of one video and ten photos, several of which you’ll find here.

When confronted by cops, Hart (pictured in the above mug shot) said that the images were done “to get laughs.” He then went on to claim that a specific image had been “Photo Shopped,” according to a City of Manitowoc Police report.

Judge Steven Olson fined Hart $303 for his “planking” escapades, which were photographed by his brother Ryan, who himself faces a disorderly conduct trial next week. Ryan Hart apparently upset cops by lying across a police memorial monument in front of the county jail. An officer compared the act to going to a cemetery and “planking” atop a gravestone.

Hours after Alexander Hart was convicted Tuesday, he was busted on a marijuana delivery charge, according to jail records.

In the wake of his pot collar, Hart launched a Facebook page asking readers to submit the names of Manitowoc residents who have “snitched to the pigs” about drug dealing. The page includes the name and photo of the person Hart identifies as “my Snitch!” (10 pages)


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So he stole a Krabby Patty?

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Planking on a police memorial???? A stupid tax must be collected for that.


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They must be bored up in Manitowoc.


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Planking and Facebook go together like shit and dicks.
What a fuckin queer, I hope whoever started the planking thing has actually died.