Man cuts his Wife head Off For Cheating------maybe

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Which is the greater butchering? This woman's beheading or Sin's original post?

Chin nuts

Your breath smells like a dead baby's coffin.
Finally someone used a sharp blade for once. Nothing like sawing through a spine with a dull knife to take all the fun out of it.


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I'll gladly watch any number of Allah Snackbar cunts get blown the fuck up during a firefight, but I can't handle these Mexican cartel videos.

Shit is straight-up evil.


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Why I clicked, I'll never know. Fuckin evil.


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Decapitated heads always look silly. He said 'this is what happens when you fuck with the Zetas (drug cartel)'. Probably some mid-level chick from a competing cartel.

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
You get in a grove (read: Desensitized) to it. Eventually it's kind of fun. I prefer bloodshows instead of bestgore, but it's really just preference at this point.