Man, Daughter Electrocuted Trying to Steal Utility Power

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Is playing GTR even necessary on this one?


it's a man, baby!!!
were they drown first?

I say good even tho they lived


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just shocking news. who would think of such things. if they had a grounded education their lives wouldn't have short circuited.


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tsss Yeah, they was probly all amped up on sumthin. tsss


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Def. whitey. We're stupid enough to climb a pole to jack juice from the man.


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If they ain't dead yet they weren't "electrocuted."

electrocutedpast participle, past tense of e·lec·tro·cute (Verb)
1. Injure or kill someone by electric shock: "a man was electrocuted when he switched on the lights".

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Umnmm...yes. According to Wikipedia at least.

Electrocution is a type of electric shock that, as determined by a stopped heart, can end life. Electrocution is frequently used to refer to any electric shock received but is technically incorrect; the choice of definition varies from dictionary to dictionary. [1][2]

However, in the vernacular, the term electrocution is used to mean:

Death, murder or a sudden accident caused by an electric shock. deliberate execution by means of an electric shock, such as an electric chair; the word "electrocution" is a portmanteau for "electrical execution".

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Hey everyone, let's keep talking about the technical definition of the word 'Electrocuted'!!


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Good. They should figure out how to pump 220 volts through cable lines next. Save the cable companies a fortune (at least in the ghetto).