Man drives 1,400 miles to get good pizza


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Man travels about 1,400 miles for Stoughton pizza

STOUGHTON, Mass. -- A Mississippi man who grew up in Massachusetts went to great lengths for a good pizza.
David Schuler traveled about 1,400 miles -- 16-states in 24 hours -- for his favorite pizza. He drove to Jackson, Miss. last weekend with 150 pizzas from the Town Spa in Stoughton, Mass.
“I went up to Stoughton, Massachusetts to pick up 150 pizzas from Town Spa Pizza and bring them back to Mississippi,” said Schuler.
Schuler grew up in Stoughton eating Town Spa Pizza, but when he moved to Jackson in 1973, he said he couldn’t find a good slice, so he has been coming back year after year.
He’s learned from trial and error about how to keep the pizzas frozen in his SUV while he makes the trip back south.
“There’s some pizza here that, well, it might be decent I guess, but it’s not like Spa pizza,” said Schuler.
The pizzas were frozen and vacuum-sealed, they were also record-setting and cost $1,200.
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“It feels so good,” said Richard Phillips, the owner of Town Spa Pizza. “It’s unbelievable just to have our product down there -- our family to their family.”
Schuler is one of 12 children. He shares the pizzas with his siblings living nearby in the south, while the rest of his family that still lives in the area comes into Town Spa to continue the family tradition.
“They might say he’s crazy, but he’s doing something he loves to do,” said Al Schuler. “He has a lot of fun doing it.”
“The pizza is terrific,” said Anne Schuler. “And they just love it there. Worth the long trip.”
“Two of my sisters have already cooked up a couple of the pizzas and said they were excellent,” said Schuler.
Since Schuler made the trip, the Town Spa has gotten more than three dozen orders from out of state.
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Non-story, but I'm bored.
Almost killed twenty law officers. Driving through peoples backyards, knocking down mailboxes
That would be a sweet car wreck. I'd love to drive past a flipped over vehicle with pizzas strewn all over the road.


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Meh, I had my dad overnight me a few when I lived in MT.


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I once drove 2 hrs one way just to get chicken scampi take out. Not quite 1400 miles but it was about 175 miles round trip.


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When he arrived in NY it was the begining of the nationwide Italian strike and he got a slice from a guy named Rick... and it sucked.


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Non-story, but I'm bored.
The story is that there's now a fat lump of shit somewhere with 150 pizzas in his freezer, comfort food from his childhood. He'll probably have to go back next year.


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I once drove 2 hrs one way just to get chicken scampi take out. Not quite 1400 miles but it was about 175 miles round trip.
I've done that. Driven to NYC for food.

I'll always drive to Toms River for dinner at Artisans
if Chef Steve is cooking. It's an hour and a half each
way but well worth the drive.

But 1400 miles for pizza? Fuck that.


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In December I'm going to be flying 3000 miles for good pizza. Should I notify the press and see my name on Wackbag too?