Man forced to pay child support despite DNA test proving he is not the father


Not right.

The judge should also give him the right to fuck the mother in the ass, with lube, till the child has reached year 18 of life.


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Here's the thing, the chick isn't even contesting it. This is 100% the state.
I read that. Obviously some twat at the state is pushing this for some reason.
In the end he'll win but he'll spend a lot more on appeals.
A better lawyer would have ended this the 1st time.


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"I signed the birth certificate because at the time I believed I was the biological father," said Sinawa

And there it is. It’s a shit situation but in eyes of the law the second you assume responsibility for a kid, that’s it. Don’t do or sign anything if there is any doubt of paternity.

But on the flip side, the dude who actually supplied the load dodged a bullet.
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as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
This is purely Vogon bullshit, and I’m going to say that Vogon probably has purple hair and maybe a dick that it doesn’t want anymore