Man found living with Mother's dead body.


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Barberton man held on $1 million bond in mother's death

3:09 PM, Apr 4, 2013 | comments

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BARBERTON, Ohio -- A 32-year-old Barberton man was charged with the aggravated murder of his 67-year-old mother Wednesday after police say he implicated himself in his mother's death.
He was arraigned on Thursday and bond was set at $1 million. The court appointedJeff James as his attorney and his next court appearance is set for Wednesday.
Police found Maureen Petrie's dead body during a welfare check on 23rd Street NW, between Oak and Bellevue avenues, Wednesday evening. She had been dead for an extended period of time, officials say.
Michael Petrie, her son, made statements that police say implicated himself in his mother's death.
On Thursday, an autopsy concluded that Petrie died of stab wounds to the chest and head and blunt force trauma to the head.
He was charged with aggravated murder and booked into the Barberton City Jail.
Someone's sister-in-law may work at the prison, and may have interviewed this guy. She said the mom was dead for a couple of months and he lived in the house with her. Said the guy smelled like a corpse even after a shower.
Also, I used to live in this town.

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Was he lazy and didn't feel like disposing of her corpse or was he a serial procrastinator and just never got around to it?