Man grabs Teachers Ass...says it was the first time he has ever hugged a woman

Oops...Somebody's perv switch went off...This guy was hugging the 18yo teachers aid and decided to grab her ass...Hilarious...he claims "I've never hugged a woman before so i didn't know what to do..." did he become a father?

A Shrewsbury man, the father of a five-year-old student at the Goddard School in Northborough, is facing charges stemming from an incident where he allegedly hugged and groped an 18-year-old teacher's aide's buttocks at the school.

Sashidhar Garaga, 39, 6 Quail Hollow Rd., Shrewsbury, is being charged with indecent A&B on a person over 14 after an incident that was reported at the school on Tuesday, July 9.
According to police, Garaga approached the teacher's aide at the Goddard School when he picked up his son, asking her questions about her high school and which college she planned to attend. He also asked her for her full name so he could find her on Facebook, which "she assumed was so he could ask her to babysit his son."

Garaga, who was alone with the woman and his son in the classroom, shook her hand goodbye and asked for a hug, which the woman assumed "was a friendly gesture."

When Garaga hugged her, according to reports, he "rubbed her back and grabbed her buttocks for a few seconds. This act made her feel confused, disgusted, violated and in a state of shock."

Garaga told police that his son had given the teacher's aide a hug, and he followed with one, but that it was his first time hugging a woman, and his culture they do not hug women. Garaga said that touching her buttocks was an accident, and he was "not sure if he would just open his arms wide and move them away, or if how he had moved them away was the right way."

Garaga, after the incident, was sent a certified letter from the school with a trespassing notice.