Man Has Sex With Horse Inside Florida Barn - Again


A horse owner in Florida shook his head when he told a reporter he wasn't surprised to learn that the man who had sex with his horses in 2010 came back.

Sunday marks Patrick Louis Linn's second time getting arrested on the Tallahassee property, accused of sneaking in and sexually abusing horses, according to WTSP. This time, he was allegedly caught having sex with Sunny.

"I had a feeling he'd be back because I believe it's a compulsion type thing with him," said Sunny's owner, Allen McDearmid. "I don't ... I just ... it's bad."

McDearmid said he knew something bad had happened when he noticed lubricant on the barn floor near Sunny's stall. Sunny had been cleaned, but neither McDearmid nor his wife had cleaned the horse that day, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

A surveillance camera reportedly caught Linn sneaking into the stable early that morning. He was arrested at his home, which was nearby, later that night. He faces charges of trespassing, resisting arrest, burglary, and bestiality.

He was arrested in 2010 after cops received complaints that he went into the barn several times and "conducted sexual acts with the horses," prosecutors told The Weekly Vice at the time. Cops staked him out and reportedly caught him in the act, but he fled before he was apprehended hours later.

Too bad it didn't up like Mr Hands... oh well.


well shit the bed
is it sexual abuse if the horse doesn't say "naaaaaaaay"?

Mother Shucker

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Sexual abuse? You ever see a horse cock? They did not feel this guys ding dong in the least.


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Wackbag Staff
Good for him. Nobody likes a quitter.


Is he a Catcher or a Pitcher ?


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So, with the name Sunny you assume it was a female horse, right?

He looks like a horse fucker somehow. Just a creep.


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Mr. Takes-it-to-far is a classic example of not knowing when to knock off the horseplay.


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He's going to have a fun time in jail. I'm sure he'll take quite the good-natured ribbing from the other inmates based on his hijinks.

And by that I mean horribly raped by other men.


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Suspect was armed only with a step stool and sugar cubes.