Man hid wife in drum for 23 years


Edwina Boyle with husband Fred Boyle and daughters Careesa and Sharon.

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) -- A man who hid his wife's body for 23 years in a steel drum in the couple's suburban Australian backyard was convicted Saturday of her murder.

Frederick Boyle, 58, claimed he hid the body of Edwina Boyle out of panic after finding her dead in bed at their home on the outskirts of the southern city of Melbourne on October 6, 1983.

He had pleaded not guilty to her murder at the outset of his weeklong trial, but a Victoria state Supreme Court jury found him guilty Saturday.

Boyle told the court this week he found his 30-year-old wife dead in bed with two bullets in her head and one of his neckties around her throat.

Boyle had told his two daughters their mother ran off with a truck driver, but a son-in-law found the remains in the 170-liter (44-gallon) drum while tidying the yard in October 2006.
Whoa he musta really hated her... gah.


Oh and more about the trial here...


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for fuck's sake why would anyone bury their dead wife in a're bound to get caught.
So, the motherfucker was too lazy to at least bury the chick?


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No. She's dead.

Poor poor girl.

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Man... He had plenty of time to get rid of the evidence... What a dummy.

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Or, he could get rid of little pieces at a time... Fuck, in Australia he could have just made a few trips to the beach and fed the crabs, sharks, etc.


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Hah, he killed his own wife and hid her in the backyard in something as conspicuous as a 44 gallon barrel and got away with it for 23 years. I'm starting to think murder isn't as difficult to get away with as the TV tries to make us believe.

Now his kids are in their late 20s realizing they lived their entire life with that barrel sitting there in the yard.


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Gotta hand it to the guy.... pretty good hiding place.


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Those Aussies sure know how to pull off a clever ruse.



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he is an idiot but didnt anyone notice she was missing? if they did, you mean you dont check the entire house or property. god she must have been hated for no one to really care