Man shoots and kills a woman, as of now still holed up. Not the best part though...


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They haven't officially released his name yet, but I have information that it is indeed one of my mother's ex boyfriends.
Hostage is Set Free, Alleged Shooter Remains Barricaded in Greenwood Posted: Jun 26, 2011 2:48 PM EDT

By Lisa Bryant - email

UPDATED - WBOC's Michael Lopardi reports that a hostage held by an alleged shooter in Greenwood has been released. Delaware State Police continue to communicate with the 67 year old male suspect who remains barricaded inside a residence.

UPDATED - The Delaware State Police continue to operate at the scene of the reported shooting located at a residence on Water Street, Greenwood. Police confirm that a 67 year old male suspect remains barricaded inside the residence with one unidentified female hostage. The male suspect is reported to be armed with an unknown type firearm.

The Delaware State Police can confirm that a female victim was located in the front yard of the residence and was pronounced dead at the scene. A second victim, an unidentified male was transported earlier from the scene by ambulance for injuries to his upper extremities.

The Delaware State Police Special Operations Team and Crisis Management Team are in contact with the male suspect and are continuing to attempt to persuade the male to surrender.

GREENWOOD, Del. - A shooting at a residence on Water Street in Greenwood has forced police to close neighboring streets.

Sergeant Paul Shavack with Delaware State Police said the incident happened around 10:00 Sunday morning. Shavack said troopers are currently assessing the situation to determine the number of victims, and believe that a suspect is barricaded inside the home.

Meanwhile, State Police Helicopters are circling the small town and residents have been evacuated.

WBOC has a crew in Greenwood and will have more information as it is made available by police agencies.


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Find some photos of the guy, stamp them with Foundry logos, and send them off to the media.


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And to think, if he had decided to do something like this 18 years ago, my brothers and I wouldn't have had to spend all that time in Family Court dealing with the constant influx of her horseshit petitions filed solely to harrass my father.

Update: He surrendered.

Barricaded Man Surrenders to Police in Greenwood

Posted: Jun 26, 2011 2:48 PM EDT

By Lisa Bryant - email

UPDATED - A nearly 12 hour stand-off with police has ended in Greenwood.

Delaware State Police said a man who barricaded himself in a Water Street home surrendered at 8:45 Sunday evening.

Police were called to the scene around 10:00 AM to respond to the report of a shooting. They say that's when they found a female shooting victim in the front yard. Police said the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. They said another shooting victim was taken to the hospital.

According to DSP, the suspected shooter held an unknown female hostage inside the home. The hostage was allowed to go free shortly after 5:30 PM.

Police have not released identities of the victims. They said the alleged shooter was 67 years old.

Many Greenwood residents were evacuated from their home and waited at the Greenwood Fire Department.


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I guess they're just holding off with naming him until he's booked and ready for arraignment.


The Only Thing Bigger Than My Head
I'd give the name here and now, but I don't want to be wrong and look like more of a jackass. It's just that all the info matches up. His age, the last name of the victim, etc.



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Released his name.

One dead, gunman surrenders after 12 hour downstate standoff
By Peter MacArthur

Updated Monday, June 27, 2011 - 5:39am

One person is dead and a twelve hour standoff in a downstate Delaware is over.

It started Sunday morning when police were called to a home in Greenwood where they found a 66 year old man armed with handguns outside the home, in a struggle with a woman.

The gunman, Ronald Williamson of Laurel, shot the woman then holed himself up inside that residence at 7 Water Street where the victims lived. Also inside the home was an 82 year old woman.

So it went until 5:30 Sunday afternoon when Williamson released the woman and then three hours later, he surrendered peacefully.

Left dead in the incident was 55 year old Connie Breeding, whom authorities had seen struggling with Williamson when they first arrived. Her 25 year old son was shot, too, suffering a hand injury.

Williamson is charged with murder and other charges.
I only knew him as Bill. What do you expect, I was but a lil' tyke.
This guy had some gall doing this when we don't normally have news staff on duty.

The guy I produce for does the show from Nashville so I doubt he will talk about this story much.

And as the show starts, it is the first thing he talks about.