Man Spidermans Women In New Mexico Walmart


Cops in Farmington, N.M. are on the hunt for a man they said either threw or ejaculated semen onto at least two women on separate occasions, according to KOAT.

Farmington police released a surveillance photo of the suspect this week and said they believe he targeted random shoppers in a Walmart.

“We think he’s been doing this since at least 2010, and he may not have stopped,” Farmington Det. Corp. Kenneth Raybon told the Farmington Daily Times. “These are just the only incidents that have been reported.”

The attacks happened on March 29, 2010 and Nov. 8, 2012, Raybon said.

“We were able to tie the two instances together with evidence that recently came to light,” Raybon said.
Farmington's Walmart isn't the only retail area plagued by perverts.

Back in 2010, police released a surveillance photo of a man accused of throwing animal semen on schoolgirls in Manchester, England, according to the BBC.


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man accused of throwing animal semen on schoolgirls
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