Man Threatened Neighbor With AK-47 During Argument About Rabbits


Rodney Wold, 64, allegedly threatened his neighbor with an AK-47 during an argument about rabbits.

A hair-brained argument between neighbors turned serious when one of them pulled out an AK-47.

The incident happened Thursday night in Louisville, Ky., when a man was shooting rabbits from his porch with an air gun -- rabbits that had allegedly been burrowing in his garden.

The man's next-door neighbor, Rodney Wold, did not care at all for the rabbit shooting, so he went inside his own home and came back out with an assault rifle, according to WLKY-TV.

"He loaded the magazine with, I believe it was, 19 rounds and went back outside and pointed it at his neighbor and said, 'If you want to hunt something, hunt men,'" police spokeswoman Carey Klain told WAVE.

Officers arrived before anyone was injured and found the AK-47 under Wold's mattress.

Wold, 64, was charged with wanton endangerment and was released on $5,000 bail on the condition that he stay away from his neighbor and any weapons, reported.

Seems reasonable...
I think you got good odds dodging 19 rounds from that guy, just stand still.

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A hair-brained argument
Really? The reporter couldn't even spell "hare" properly in that shit joke?


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Not a particularity bright feller is he?


I like fistables.
These are the same kind of people that think it's ok for them to wear biking shorts in public.


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Picture of the AK-47 provided by the media: