Man Throws Wife From Moving Car On Highway


The rear window frame of this trooper's vehicle was torn loose and the arrestee -- who allegedly threw his wife out of his car -- got out and attacked an officer.

A Washington State man allegedly threw his wife onto a highway from a moving car Sunday and then briefly escaped custody.

Troopers responded around 9:10 a.m. to a call that a woman was pushed from a vehicle onto Interstate 90 near Cle Elum at full speed, KOMO reported.

Emergency workers rescued the woman on the highway as police learned that her husband was driving erratically about two miles away. Authorities arrested the unidentified husband put him in the back of a patrol car, KIMA-TV reported.

But the man reportedly wasn't finished with his violent drama.

The husband managed to break out of the patrol car window. He reportedly attacked the arresting officer before authorities subdued him -- again -- and took him into custody.

An ambulance took the wife to the hospital where she was in stable condition, the Washington State Patrol reported.



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I don't know how the police have enough restraint not to give this asshole brain damage after pulling a stunt like that.


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They dont want to deal with the paperwork involved.

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I'm not saying he should have thrown her out of the car, but I understand.


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I don't know how the police have enough restraint not to give this asshole brain damage after pulling a stunt like that.
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I think WA might want to invest in some cage cars... eeesh...
lol after three or four people did that the local pd paid me to install window bars on all the cars, it cost close to 1000$ to fix that blown out window, the small window is part of the frame and can not be replaced separately and the frame was about 700$ , when the shittys knock the big window out they bend the fuck out of the door frame. it kind of depressed me because i only got 40$ each to install the bars.