Man tries to amputate own leg with hacksaw

Husband of Lily Allen's hypnotherapist tried to amputate own leg with hacksaw

The husband of Lily Allen's hypnotherapist bled to death after trying to amputate his own legs with a hacksaw, an inquest has heard.

65-year-old Barrie Hepburn bizarrely lost the use of his legs after he was shot at his holiday home in the south of France following an argument over a neighbour's dog in 2000.

He survived the attack, but his injuries left him confined to a wheelchair.

In August 2010, Hepburn was found dead on the kitchen floor of his Mayfair home after attempting to cut off his right leg.

Hepburn called for an ambulance and said he was suffering from heavy bleeding, but slipped into unconsciousness and died before paramedics could reach him.

He was found with a makeshift tourniquet tied just above where he attempted to cut through the leg.

Westminster Coroner's Court heard that Mr Hepburn, a sports car enthusiast, had often spoken of using self-surgery to amputate his limbs and had questioned surgeons about amputation and researched self-surgery on the internet.

He had become particularly determined in the months before his death because of difficulties he had getting in and out of his high-performance Jaguar XJ saloon car, which he had bought the previous year.

Mr Hepburn had tried to commit suicide twice before, the inquest heard.

Westminster Coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe recorded a verdict of misadventure, saying: "I think it is quite clear he had no intention of taking his own life. This was a tragic turn of events."