Man Tries To Sell Baby At Walmart


A man convicted of trying to sell his baby outside a California Walmart store is heading to prison for six years. Patrick Fousek and Samantha Tomasini were arrested in June 2010 after witnesses told Salinas police that they were offering their 8-month-old daughter for $25.

Prosecutors said the couple were methamphetamine users and appeared high when they were arrested.

Fousek's lawyer argued that the incident was a misunderstanding and his client was never serious about selling the baby.

The Monterey County man was convicted in October of child endangerment and possessing drug paraphernalia. A judge Wednesday gave him the maximum sentence of six years.

Tomasini previously pleaded no contest to child endangerment. She was sentenced to four years' probation and placement in a drug treatment program.

The child has since been adopted.


Meth... no way...


All are welcome
How much do you think a kid goes for these days? Let's say you got a nice white, blonde haired, blue eyed kid and you wanted to sell them. I think I could get more than $25.


All are welcome
Not sure why they'd take the kid away. They look like good parents: