Man Uses Physics to Fight $400 Traffic Ticket Source: Man Uses Physics to Fight $400


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Man Uses Physics to Fight $400 Traffic Ticket

Dmitri Krioukov used his knowledge of angular and linear motion in a very unique way to fight a pricey traffic ticket

A UCSD physicist used his knowledge and a little creativity to get himself out of a $400 traffic ticket.
Dmirti Krioukov was issued a traffic ticket for failing to completely stop at a stop sign. Instead of paying the ticket or going to traffic school, the physicist fought the citation by writing a four-page paper explaining how the ticket he was given defies physics.
Using his knowledge of angular and linear motion, Krioukov prepared a paper for the judge in his case and was able to argue – and prove – his innocence.
The paper explained how what the officer “thought” he saw, he didn’t really see, according to the laws of physics.
“Therefore my argument in the court went as follows: that what he saw would be easily confused by the angle of speed of this hypothetical object that failed to stop at the stop sign. And therefore, what he saw did not properly reflect reality, which was completely different," said Krioukov.

Before others try the “physics defense” in before a judge, Krioukov warned that it took a perfect combination of events for his argument to legitimately hold up.
By the way, when asked if he really did stop at the stop sign, the physicist stuck to his argument.
“Of course I did,” he said with a smile.



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So, what was the argument? I don't see proof of anything in the clipped quote of the guy in the story.


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That's bad ass, but I'm amazed he got the ticket dropped.

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Excellent journalism. Outstanding. Why bother explaining what happened and what the guy's argument was, when you can just spend ten minutes to write a few sentences worth of vague nonsense that requires no thought or effort.

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He either amused the traffic court judge, or the judge just got annoyed and tossed the ticket to shut him up. Some of the shit people cook up trying to get out of a ticket or a DUI charge are hilarious. The ones that show up dressed in their church clothes, with a brief case and try to use legal terms that are erroneous are my favorites. The most common failed defense is that their speedometer is broken or "off".


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I got out of a speeding ticket using "minimum safe stopping distance."

Of course, I wasn't speeding, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to stop where I did.


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Some chink did the same thing on CHiPs. It was pretty funny seeing Grossman get reprimanded by the Judge.