Mancow doing local Used Car Ads on AM?!


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Sep 28, 2006
Took a vaction to Charlston, SC last weekend. While down there I was listing to XM and had to set it to a new FM station. I thought I would scan some local stations and see what is going on. I started on AM cause I love TALK Radio (and even love the movie Talk Radio). Anyway, I picked up a station that seemed to be far off (I would guess some place close but didn't sound like a major station). The station was playing a Used Car Ad and I know, with out a doubt, it was ManCow. This wasn't a part of his show or anything. It was like a car commercail and he was doing all the voice over. It wasn't even a funny ad or him playing himself to get people to the lot. It was a normal local car commercail and he was doing the normal sad voice overs that local guys do.
I am not sure if anyone else has heard this but I just found it funny.


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May 11, 2007
he's gotta make money somehow, you know he did "have to pay for his own hotel and airfare" when he DIDNT take the imus spot. mancows a douche