Mandalorian inspired body armor.


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Ballistic Armor Maker Creates Boba Fett Bulletproof Body Armor
No disintegrations
By Sasha Erfanian Ever wanted to wade into battle in full Mandalorian chiq? Thanks to the armorers at AR500, the gun manufacturers at Heckler and Koch, and other industry leaders, you might soon be able to with this Boba Fett-inspired, bulletproof body armor.

Called the GalacTac project, the armor is the sum of contributions from SOG Knives, Surefire, TEA headsets, and Team Wendy.

Designed by artist Ryan Flowers, the armor is made of steel plates mounted on AR500's Guardian plate carrier with a Armasight flip-down night vision scope. Flowers previously distributed less heavy-duty versions of the armor off his website for paintballers, airsoft players, and Mandalorian culture enthusiasts. While technical details haven't been released, AR500's previous offerings are good against rifles and handguns.

Whether or not the armor will be commercially available or is purely a promotional item is currently unknown, but for now feast your eyes on some pictures of the suit in action from Metal Head Photography.

Yeah, I bet it isn't made of Beskar.

Creasy Bear

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Looks cool, but I'll bet the visibility in that helmet is dog shit.