Manny Pacquiao loses: Boxing takes another shot to the nuts.


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Ok, I didn't watch the fight (couldn't even be bothered to pirate the feed, not that I would ever do such a thing), but everyone is saying it was a BS decision.

What does this do to the attractiveness os the Mayweather/Pac fight? Yes, everyone know this was a BS decision, but it still takes a lot of the shine off of the superfight.

UFC wins. Again. There's bullshit in the UFC, sure, but I can't recall a really big fight ending this fucked up.

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Manny won all 12 rounds imo. I don't really give a shit about Pac/May anyway.

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Bradley is a good dude. He knows he lost and was pretty humble after the fight.


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As a long time fan of the sport, I have to say that I am shocked this happened in Las Vegas, this wouldn't have surprised me one bit if it were in New York, but its not supposed to take place in Nevada.

The state athletic commission is going to be doing some serious investigating.
Haralabos Voulgaris, a hugely successful NBA bettor, tweeted this:

Haralabos Voulgaris ‏@haralabob

Late money on this boxing match, Pac was -432 at 2pm it closed -397 at pinny. Lots of late money on Bradley. Take that fwiw.
It's interesting that there was so much late money. Moving it 32 points

And Bill Simmon's tweets were good as always.

Bill Simmons ‏@sportsguy33
Does everyone who watched tonight's fight have to appear as witnesses at the trial for the people who fixed it? How does this work?

Bill Simmons ‏@sportsguy33
Never been more stunned by a boxing decision. So disgusted right now. Now we know why the odds dropped all week. #future30for30
I'm looking forward to seeing the still shots that Sportscenter will show :rolleyes:

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I'm looking forward to seeing the still shots that Sportscenter will show :rolleyes:
Haha. I'm guessing a lot of the late money may have been due to all the stories that came out this week on Manny changing his ways. Even the announcers were worried about it before the fight.
Haha. I'm guessing a lot of the late money may have been due to all the stories that came out this week on Manny changing his ways. Even the announcers were worried about it before the fight.
What ways did he change? I watched 0 of any of this.
I'd have been concerned that HE was concerned about the Celtics game and waiting until it was finished to fight. Doesn't seem like the place a fighter should be in before hand
Nothing in the bible says people can't be boxers. The fight was fixed. It's obvious. Anyone who even watches this shit anymore deserves to be ripped off.


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"Unbelievable," fight promoter Bob Arum told reporters afterward. "I had it 10-2," for Pacquiao, adding that Bradley's manager, Cameron Dunkin, told him ringside he scored the fight 8-4 for the Filipino superstar.

In November, Pacquiao won a controversial decision over Juan Manuel Marquez.

"This is nuts," Arum said. "People don't know what they're watching anymore. I'm going to make a lot of money [in a rematch] but who's going to take this sport seriously?"

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Nothing in the bible says people can't be boxers.
Well, yeah, God forgot to mention that you're not allowed to box, but still, it would be pretty hard to do if you follow this advice:
"If someone strikes you on the cheek, offer him the other one as well".


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Nothing in the bible says people can't be boxers. The fight was fixed. It's obvious. Anyone who even watches this shit anymore deserves to be ripped off.
Yeah thats why i don't take sports seriously and get invested in them or politics because theres too much money involved and people will try some shit. But i dont blame 'em for trying, its all retarded shit in the end.
Frankly, Pac should have lost his last couple fights where he won be decision. I guess the judges tried to make up for it last night.


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Timothy Bradley said this to his corner and to promoter Bob Arum (complete scumfuck)

"Hey, I tried. You know I tried but I just couldn't beat him."

Fuck the scorecards and all that noise. Look at Bradley and the way he's carrying himself after that fight. Resigned. Depressed. He physically behaved like a man who knew he lost and then he confirmed it verbally with a flat out admission of loss (to his manager who also scored the fight an 8-4 loss!) before he won a terrible split decision.

This makes Lamont Washington/Amir Khan look as pure as the Virgin Mary. Absolutely fucking repugnant decision and it is a reason why boxing is a dead sport popularity wise. Everybody thinks this shit is rigged for the benefit of Vegas, Atlantic City, organized crime and scumfuck promoters.

Bob Arum was THRILLED when that decision came down the way it did, regardless of whether he had a hand in making it happen.

"I'm going to make a lot of money [in a rematch] but who's going to take this sport seriously?"

Bob Arum just took a ten pound shit on the face of boxing credibility and as he was pulling his pants up all he could think about was how much money he could make pimping a rematch. What a repellant excuse for a man.

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I don't want to see a rematch. There were some decent exchanges but Bradley doesn't have much skill or power. The fight would probably go much like this one because Bradley has a lot of heart and a fat wife.


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Conspiracy Time:

This is your classic Mayweather criticism of Arum: He promotes both boxers so he doesn't have to share a cut. Keeps it all "in house."

Bradley has zero power and didn't look like he belonged in there. At the most, at your most generous you can give Bradly 5 rounds (1/I Don't Think So, 2, 8/I Don't Think So, 10, 12)

I personally only give Bradley 2, 10 and 12.

Now, the curious thing is both fighters were talking about a November 10 rematch like it was set in stone. Because it was set in stone. Manny rocked him a few times but he never really put pedal to the medal. If he truly wanted to he could have knocked Bradley out.

Now this sets up the CONTROVERSIAL rematch with Manny vowing to knock Bradley out. Which he most assuredly will because he is by far and away the better boxer. Bradley just simply isn't in Manny's class. Period. It also kind of covers up Manny being told to candy ass it and not go for the knockout against Bradley when Manny clearly had no regard for Bradley's power and gladly traded with him on about 20 occasions.

I hope boxing fans are smart enough not to go for Arum's scheme and boycott the rematch that shouldn't happen.


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I love boxing the sport. I can't stand what boxing is now.

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Bradley was able to pull off the stunning upset even with two bad wheels.
Timothy Bradley suffered a fractured left foot in Saturday night's controversial victory over Manny Pacquiao.

Bradley's manager, Can Dunkin, also said Sunday that Bradley's right ankle is twisted and swollen.

Bradley, who attended the post-fight news conference in a wheelchair, said he heard his left foot snap in the second round. In the fifth, he injured his right foot.
Must've been what saved Pacquiao from getting KO'd. :trollol:


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I didn't see the fight, but those who watched it, was Pacquiao really deserving of the win?

When watching a basketball game, the crowd always boos when a call doesn't go their way. Sometimes for the right reasons, but more often they are wrong, and simply booing because their team (or in this case, fighter) was penalized. Now, the reaction to the fight this weekend could be like this sentiment 10x.

You're talking about months of buildup, all culminating into a single second decision of win/lose. Of course the crowd is going to react strongly, especially if more than half of the crowd is pulling for pacquiao. And with boxing's not so perfect history, critics have-what they believe to be-good reasons for being angry.

I could obviously be completely wrong, but just a thought.


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Pacquiao deserved the win. I say 8-4/7-5 Pac

Here are the official scores cards. Jerry Roth is first, scored it 115/113 Pac, i.e., said Pac won rounds 1,3,4,5,6,8,9. Bradley then won the others, 2,7, 10, 11, 12
Seems a fair enough way to score it, though I had Bradley winning different rounds. 2, 8, 10 and 12

The other judges were watching something altogether different than the rest of the boxing world. C.J. Ross and Duane Ford have Bradley winning Round 5. I've yet to read either a spectator, commentator, judge or journalist say Bradley won Round 5. I have no fucking idea what they were watching. Here is the round if you want to watch it. No WAY is that a Bradley round. Mute the commentators because they sucked Manny's dick all night and to keep their bias out of it. Just watch it straight up. If Bradley won that round everything I know about boxing (admittedly not much) is totally wrong.



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This will be lengthy: Understanding Round 5 is key to understanding the judge's scoring mentality and why this split decision is such a robbery.

Bradley accomplished nothing. None of the punches had any power but not only that Pacquiao deflected almost every single one of Bradley's weak little paw jabs with his glove or elbow. Manny gets glove on just about every one of them.

This isn't amateur boxing where one guy can blast another guy to the canvas for a 9 count and the other guy can pitter-pat and love tap the other guy 40 times and not only win the round but maybe even take it 10-8. You've got to take power and effect into consideration. Manny shook Bradley up a lot but Bradley didn't do a thing to Manny. Manny just stood and traded with him when Bradley wanted to stand and trade but Manny got the better of it every time. He's simply got a lot more power than Bradley.

Furthermore, when watching this round keep in mind Manny's strategy. He wants to take the first 2 minutes off to set up a 1 minute flurry at the end to hurt Bradley. Manny is just keeping the powder dry for the first minute or so. He starts to have more offense about 1 minute in. Hits Bradley twice at 2:07 in the round for instance. Manny got a good left in at 1:51.

Okay, look at the pawing from Bradley from 1:42 to about 1:25. No speed, no authority, just pawing. Plus Manny gets glove and arm on every one. I mean if you want to call those "head shots" you can, but you'd be retarded.

Look at the final exchanges from :55 onwards in the round, at about 2:10 in the Youtube video onwards. Manny is just getting that left in at will. He's pushing Bradley all over the ring and driving him to the ropes.
Gets him hard at :38. Gets Bradley again at :35. Bradley's gotta clinch at :30 to save his ass. 15 seconds, bam bam bam. Gets Bradley 3 more times.

I know some people hate it, but CompuStats numbers support my Round 5 breakdown.

Bradley only landed 8 punches out of 68 thrown in that round! 8! Conversely, Pacquiao was 22/65.

Now lets go to the Power Punch stats, thrown and landed.

18/42 for Pacquiao, 4/37 for Bradley. Manny threw about the same amount but hit more than 4 times as much. Manny landed 10 more power shots than Bradley landed total punches for that round.

And yet the two judges who said 115-113 Bradley said Bradley WON ROUND 5.