Man's fiery suicide kills elderly neighbour

The son of the senior killed in a fire at the Bethany Senior's Home in Edmonton said his family doesn't know where to turn for answers.

Chester Fedorio's mother Anna Fedorio, 83, died in a fire set by Ken Kopiak, 64, at the Bethany Senior's Home just after 12:30 a.m. on Aug. 2.

Her death was under investigation for more than a month before it was declared a homicide Friday.

Chester said his family still craves a reason for the tragedy.

"We don't know where to seek the answers now," Chester said Saturday, "Everyone is pointing the finger at (Kopiak) but he's gone too."

Investigators determined Kopiak lit his vehicle on fire before proceeding into his apartment on the north side of the Bethany Seniors Home, where he spread gasoline throughout the suite.

The subsequent explosion and fire caused the death of his neighbour, Fedorio.

Kopiak's death is non-criminal, a designation that includes suicide.

"He's responsible for that but, gosh, why was he there when he was suicidal and stuff like that? Why didn't anyone get him some help?" Chester said.

The Fedorio family is now applying to see the official police report, but Chester said it's little comfort.

"It feels very bad. We want to get answers we might never get," Chester said."We'll just have to let it go I guess, suffer and move on."

Eight seniors were sent to hospital after the blaze, and dozens more were left without a place to stay.

Kopiak was said to have serious mental-health issues, and neighbours said he was suicidal and had knowledge of explosives.

The fire and explosion caused $1.3 million in damage.

Police used a large number of resources — including post-blast analysts, forensics investigators, arson and fire investigators, and the medical examiner's office — to conclude the investigation.

The case was Edmonton's 39th homicide of 2011.



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