- Bar/Happy hour specials mapped!

Dec 25, 2005
I'll add a couple..

Pattenburg house - pattenburg, NJ...

The waiting Room - Rahway, NJ

The boatyard - Annapolis, MD

Not You

Monkey House of D-Sippers
Feb 28, 2005
That thing sucks, most of the bars in Philly are called something different or completely gone all together. The funniest one is Pinups, which was a Strip Club that closed about 10 years ago and is now a Physical Rehabilitation clinic.


Wackbag Generalissimo
Jul 21, 2003
Wilmington, NC
Nice to know!

Here are a couple of mine:

Carolina Ale House - Raleigh, NC

O'Dwyers - Wake Forest, NC
Dec 25, 2005
That thing sucks, most of the bars in Philly are called something different or completely gone all together. The funniest one is Pinups, which was a Strip Club that closed about 10 years ago and is now a Physical Rehabilitation clinic.
Yeah.. it's only as good as those who update it. I noticed a few that have since closed.
Dec 25, 2005
While I'm at it, here's a good post from another messageboard (Sailing Anarchy)
New York
Doc Holliday’s
141 Ave. A, 212-979-0312

PBR is A-OK with the East Village cretins who regularly fill this country-western bar to a) get drunk and cool.gif get drunker. And when Doc’s bartenders aren’t pouring booze down your throat—sometimes straight from the bottle—they’re pouring it down their own (to later regurgitate for their thirsty baby bartenders back at the nest). Come Monday for Ladies’ Night and stay till Tuesday for the $7 all-you-can-drink Bud Light. Then call your mom on Wednesday. She’s worried sick about you!

Vail, Colorado
The Red Lion
304 Bridge St., 970-476-7676

The best part about bashing your bones into bread crumbs on the slopes is convalescing at this cozy ski lodge–like hole. Sip Fat Tire Ale through a straw and watch other, less injured skiers ride the nearby lift—or get a Blue Moon IV and ogle snow bunnies on the town’s main drag. If owner Phil Long is playing the piano, be sure to throw nickels at him: Hit his tip jar and you’ll win a round of sex on the beach shots. Hit him in the head and we’ll give you sex at our office.

Liquor Lyle’s
2021 Hennepin Ave., 612-870-8183

If you can see through the smoky haze, you’ll notice that Lyle’s is windowless. “When it’s 40 below zero, who wants to look at that?” reasons manager Val Solberg. Meteorologists, Val, that’s who. But what Lyle’s lacks in windows, it more than makes up for in happy hours. Last time we counted, there were three: 10 A.M. to 1 P.M., 3 P.M. to 6 P.M., and 9 P.M. to 11 P.M. Good thing they don’t have four. (We can’t count and drink, can we?)

15th Street Tavern
623 15th St., 303-572-0822

Once (or twice) upon a time, the White Stripes and the Queens of the Stone Age played this blue-collar venue, and nowadays it continues to attract bands and their high-profile admirers (hello, Janeane Garofalo!). Hit the joint on a Thursday to take advantage of Courier Day, when pitchers of PBR go for $5. Wear your spandex shorts. And a bicycle helmet.

New Orleans
Snake and Jake’s X-Mas Club Lounge
7612 Oak St., 504-861-2802

This teeny shack features everything we love about Christmas: a tree, a wreath and $1.50 cans of Schlitz. Owner David describes the vibe as “sleazy Christmas,” and we describe David as “cute as a button.” (That’s right, Dave, we’re talking about you!) If you don’t have a Santa suit, wear your birthday suit instead: An unwritten rule states that anyone in the buff drinks for free. Just be careful with those drink umbrellas. Scrotal punctures rarely heal 100 percent. Just ask our proctologist!

Old Town Ale House
219 W. North Ave., 312-944-7020

It’s one of the oldest bars in the Windy City, and it shows: The place is littered with junky toys, tattered books and black-and-white photos, and it has a Jamaican live-in nurse it calls Mommy. The crowd ranges in age from barely legal to terminal—92-year-old regular Hank Ottinger has been drinking here since 1958. Buy him a drink and he’ll tell you a story. Our advice? Let him buy. We’ve heard his stories.

Worcester, Massachusetts
49 Suffolk St., 508-752-9439

You can infer one of two things from the name of this place: This bar has links to the Italian American community or Van Gogh drank his ears off here. If you guessed that Vincent’s is a place for hearty portions of lasagna, sausage sandwiches and meatballs, you’re right. Occasionally, Vinny himself serves house-special martinis (with or without a Schlitz chaser). Vinny also takes pride in his jukebox, which has local acts, hair metal and Sinatra. Give it your regards—and your coins.

West Alabama Ice House
1919 W. Alabama St., 713-528-6874

This Houston institution for liver pollution attracts quite a diverse crowd. Plop down on a stool and you’ll likely have a taut young coed sitting to your left, a corporate drone or two to your right and a hairy biker on your lap. (Hey, Buzzard, would it kill you to shave every once in a while?) But if you’re there on a Friday, you probably won’t notice any of them, because you’ll be too busy stuffing your piehole with free hot dogs and washing them down with 40-plus selections from the Ice House’s beer menu. That’s one for each day of the month! Our favorite is the 29th, which happens only in January, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November. And sometimes December.

Comet Tavern
922 E. Pike St., 206-323-9853

Smoky, grimy and dark, the no-nonsense Comet accommodates bar-dancing girls, bar-crawling drunks slurping down $1.50 happy-hour beers and, on occasion, Eddie Vedder. (Nirvana rules!) Suits, punks and lost-looking grunge kids flock to see rock shows for $3 at this landmark dive. Fill up on the bar nuts, beef jerky, chips and microbrews, but beware of the bathroom’s trough-style urinal: Eddie Vedder might pee on you. (He’s a notorious sprayer.)

Portland, Oregon
Bar of the Gods
4801 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503-232-2037

As much as we’d like to pretend that we chat up the sexy bartenders and washed-up rock-star regulars (such as Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner) here, we really go for the house-specialty drink. It’s made with Stoli Vanilla, sugar, lemon, lime and fruit juices, and it’s named after a sexual act. We’d print the name of it here, were it not for the fact that we once had a bad experience performing said act that left us in the hospital. Plus, we’re bashful.

Salt Lake City
Burt’s Tiki Lounge
726 S. State St., 801-521-0572

Mormons don’t drink alcohol, engage in premarital sex or poop. And yet, in the heart of Conservativeville lies a hedonistic hot spot where the clean-cut and the uncut down cheap beers and heart-quickening shots of cerebral assassin (Jäger, Wild Turkey and Red Bull). Outside, the pint-size Burt’s Tiki Lounge advertises itself with a beach-paradise-scene sign; inside, the pope and Elvis hang side by side. (Psst! We hear they’re dating!)

Washington, D.C.
Rhino Bar and Pumphouse
3295 M St. NW
Washington, D.C., 202-333-3150

D.C. can be a tough place to find lovin’, but locals say Rhino Bar is like Spanish fly to ladies who legislate…especially near closing. Whether you’re a lobbyist or a law student, no bar in the capital gets more skeezy. Although the one-night stands are fast, the bartenders are even faster. Rhino Bar employs some of the quickest competition slingers in D.C. We hope Martin Sheen shows up so we can pour a drink over his head!

Lonnie’s Western Room
208 Printers Alley, 615-251-1122

Nashville is rich in three things: country music, beer and drunken karaoke. Lonnie’s provides all three in a gritty, sawdust-ridden, loud celebrity hangout. Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash are just two of the superstars who have graced its stage, and a certain television personality by the name of Jerry Springer has been spotted several times singing onstage. (Yes, you read that right. We included Jerry Springer in a list of celebrities.) Lonnie’s is so crazy, we’re getting drunk just thinking about it! That, and the fifth of vodka we’ve also been thinking about. We think all kinds of nutty things.

Allston, Massachusetts
Our House West
1277 Commonwealth Ave., 617-782-3228

Step inside this inconspicuous Allston watering hole and you’ll think you’ve just walked into a raging house party—cash registers and disturbingly early 1:30 A.M. last call notwithstanding. The layout is just like your grandma’s place in the suburbs: a bunch of interconnected living rooms with comfy couches, coffee tables aplenty and hundreds of totally anonymous strangers exchanging bodily fluids all night long. Fun alert: It’s not unheard of for a Jenga game to break out without provocation. (Though we prefer solo games of naked Trouble, thank you very much.)

South Hampton, Pennsylvania
Kenny’s Bar
1134 Street Rd., 215-357-9974

Kenny’s is awash in history. Check out the cigarette machine that dates all the way back to the ’50s (when smoking was part of every pregnant woman’s daily health regimen) or the bathrooms that haven’t flushed since the early ’60s. The patrons here practically define brotherly love, having gone so far as to set up so the Kenny’s community can keep in touch. (Careful, the site’s pictures border on wacky.) A word of advice: Don’t order the house drink cryptically called the something good. We think it’s three parts tequila and one part whatever has soaked into the bar towel. In the case of last night, that would be our blood! (We got a nose bleed.)

San Diego
Coaster Saloon
744 Ventura Pl., 858-488-4438

With its beachside locale (read: girls in bikinis) and sometimes-flesh-flashing clientele, this wood-paneled surfer hangout was built to provide glimpses of skin. Don’t get distracted by the fake shark, the seven TVs or the 20 beers on tap. And don’t go gaga over the Jägermeister cooler and dispenser, or you might miss the best sight ever. Awww, you didn’t see—we just downed an entire cosmo in less than an hour!

River Falls, Wisconsin
Johnnie’s Bar
116 N. Main St., 715-425-9291

If it’s a hip and happening scene you’re after, try a different bar. Actually, try a different state. (Holy shit, we just snapped the entire state of Wisconsin!) But if it’s $1.75 pints you yearn for, bring your toxic ass to Johnnie’s. The vibe here is super-duper-friendly, so make sure to buy a round for your new BFFs. One might even be a Kansas City Chief—the team trains in River Falls during the summer. Drunkenly attempt to clothesline him. Those guys love that junk.

Buffalo, New York
Broadway Joe’s
3051 Main St., 716-836-9555

To the casual observer, Broadway Joe’s is an unimpressive wooden saloon crammed into a nondescript strip mall. But to a more formal observer (we like to wear a tux and platform shoes when we do our observing), it is a booze and music lover’s dream. Hippie jammers Rusted Root, rap pioneer Kool DJ Herc and members of Phish fill the bar with music—and the urinal with their pee-pee. With the longest-running hip-hop night in Buffalo, free Buffalo wings (imported from, um, Buffalo!) from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. and 25-cent drafts of Koch’s Golden Anniversary, Joe’s rocks harder than Hoobastank. Who, in fact, do not rock much at all. (They’re more of a groove band—at least according to their press release.)

Clermont Lounge
789 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE, 404-874-4783

“It’s like Cheers with strippers,” says owner Kathi. Sounds great, but our heart eternally belongs to George Wendt’s jiggling man-boobs. This seedy hotel and basement bar has no games, no food and no draft beer, but after a few shots of fuckin’ in the graveyard (schnapps, blue curacao and cranberry juice) and a $10 lap dance, you’ll forget about the joint’s shortcomings—not to mention your wife and hungry kids at home. Top the evening off with a visit from Blondie, the big, blond stripper who crushes empty beer cans with her boobies. Yawn! Teach your boobies to write poetry—then we’ll talk.

Portland, Maine
The Ale House
30 Market St., 207-253-5100

Walk into this cellarlike bar and enter a world of weird with the kind of personality T.G.I. Friday’s spends millions to fake. Mind the stuffed llama in the corner as you make your way to one of the indoor swings and down a dollar draft of PBR. “In my bar, you’ll find captains of industry talking with meter maids,” says owner Russ. Meter maids in Maine? What do they ticket? Schooners?

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Brew Ha Ha Pub
2500 S. Valley Dr., 505-647-3348

Just 45 minutes from that country just south of ours (Canada, we think), laid-back Brew Ha Ha makes international road trips unnecessary with its dollar beers and loads of bar games, including pool, foosball and darts. Hang with broke-ass New Mexico State kids, hit on the attractive bartenders or lecture the waitresses on the unhygienic nature of body shots. Do they have any idea where our lips have been? Actually, does anyone have any idea? We miss them!


Ever Broken a Puerto Ricans arm for sweat pants $?
Mar 26, 2007
fuck, nice site, well for alcoholics at least
Nov 22, 2005
South Philadelphia
That thing sucks, most of the bars in Philly are called something different or completely gone all together. The funniest one is Pinups, which was a Strip Club that closed about 10 years ago and is now a Physical Rehabilitation clinic.
Whoops They have no information. good idea but boo