Marbury Traded.

How fucking funny is that shit. The NJ Nets traded Stephon Marbury for Jason Kidd. I guess its the end of Kidds career cause the Nets suck and never will win a NBA Championship.

Im a Knick fan but you know what should fucking happen i swear this would be something worth seeing. Michael Jordan should come back to play for the Nets and win the title for them. How fucking funny would that be to see the Nets as the NBA Champions


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This was just a terrible move by the Nets. I like Jason Kidd but they should never have traded Marbury for him. That was retarded. I think A Marbury, Kidd backcourt would be lethal. I understand the reason Net managment think it's a good deal. They thought that Marbury would be more of an assist man plus a scorer. Instead they wound up getting Sam Cassel all over again. A point gaurd who is supposed to set people up, but shoot 30 shots a night. I think losing Marbury hurts this team. Who knows though maybe this will spread out the offense for Gill, Van Horn, and Kittles(if he ever gets back). I like the Nets, not like the Knicks but I like scrappy teams. Why do you think I am a Met fan. :D
Bill Cosby is owns a part of the Nets right? Hey Kidd you should eat a Jello pudding pop.

Mav, what did u think of them trading there first round pick away for 3 other kids who got drafted. Personally i think they should have kept Eddie Griffin i think he is gonna be a good player.