Marc Maron Sub-Cucks AntH


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The monologue portion of that show is completely insufferable. Just a variation on the overarching theme of TDS. The fucker is a straight idiot who constantly wonders aloud why people want to fuck with him. Well because crying like a little bitch all the time encourages that with the whole "Trump is going to round the Jews like me up into concentration camps," foolishness. The interviews vary between barely tolerable and mediocre.

Honestly, it's quite easy to ignore.


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I didn't mind the early Maron interviews, where it was mainly him having on comedians that he had been a cunt to in the past. Which was apparently all of them.

But people now mistake him for a great interviewer (thanks, Obama!), which he is definitely not. He's not quite as obliviously narcissistic as, say, Adam Carolla, but he still has a way of relating everything a guest says to himself.


Enough of this palaver

I fast forward his BS intro and listen to the interviews if the person is interesting, but nothing more