Mardi Gras Party - 2/9


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I will be holding my 4th annual semi-authentic Mardi-Gras Party. It will be on Saturday February 9th (Saturday after actual day) in a philly suburb near Lansdale, PA. Official Party from 7 pm to 1 am (midnight New Orleans time). The after party will start at 1 am and go on til at least 3am (last year went to7 am or so).

I am hoping for over 100 attendees and hopefully plenty of pests. This is my party so no cost to you. It is held in my own home and I hire a bartender. I cook up Jambalya, Gumbo, Crawfish Boil, Gator Bites. Expect to see beads and boobs.

Why not authentic, well no pickpocekts or charging $10 for a hurricane. contact me for further details.
oooooooooooooooooooooooo! Gumbo an crawdads!

And boobies!

I'm 30 minutes from Lansdale. Hmmmmm this may be a possibility.

My minivan may need to take a trip to JL Freed for some service that night.



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Wackbag Staff
Fuck! I'd love to but I'm gonna be out of town this weekend.
Have fun folks.

Arch Stanton

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Shit. I was supposed to be in New Hope this weekend, but my cousins kid has the flu, called off.
This would have been mint!

Have a great time.


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Shit, I haven't feasted on a crawfish boil since I lived in Pensacola. Sounds like a real blast. Have fun Chuck and guests!