Mario Cantone

Is it me or is this guy just annoying as hell? I had to shut off O&A last time he was on and forgot to turn it back on later and missed the rest of the show. I'd rather masturbate with a wire brush and rubbing alcahol then hear his annoying voice and his one line "get your balls out"


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He is like a female Richard Simmons, He does women impressions but thats the only time he does women. lol Remember Steampipe Alley????He was annoying as hell then too but sometimes he can be funny. I am a Dice man all the way. He would chew up Mario then swallow. ;)


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I like to a point mario cantone do to the fact i grew up with his show..Steam Pipe Alley
But i do agree with you guys his voice gets on my nerves thats why it is ok for him to come on once in a while...
I saw his stand up on comedy central and he was pretty funny on it...I guess he is the type better to see live than to hear on the radio


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Once in a while is ok. He is in that Jerry Lewis catagory only better. :eek:


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I heard him once on the news on radio(don't know what station). He commented on how commedy will change due to what happened and why Carolines only had only a couple of people when it opened. :)


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All i see when he is on the radio is Steam Pipe alley they should get Uncle Floyd on He is a pisser when he is drunk and he can be a bit dirty.
I'd rather masturbate with a wire brush and rubbing alcahol then hear his annoying voice
wow... that is awrful

anyway, Mario can get annoying, small doses of this guy is about all I can take.

I think both Fez and Gay Marco are better Gay guests on the show
saturday replay: This fucking idiot is on again! just turned to krock, KEEP MARIO OFF THE SHOW.... there is nothing funny about him, his voice is extremly annoying.. he repeats the same lines and bits over and over and over........ friggen fag unfunny motherfucker
If this moron shows up again, I'm turning off my Winamp. At first he was OK but he keeps doing the same stuff over and over like a phonograph record running down. I'd rather pour hot wax into my ears than hear him again. My friend here can do a better Cartmen. If Mario thinks he's great, too bad, cuz he's not. He sucks. That fag.


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Hey watch out Maeio and I go way back. We are good old friends amd.....wait did you say Fayg??? MARIO WHO???????? I don't know any Mario, Kidding. He is ok he upbeats the show and remember next time he is on to listen to O n A's comments. They rank on him big time. lol but Mario doesnt pay no attention.


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On friday Mario and Fez were so gay trying to cut that chicks clothes...Nothing like it they were complimenting her clothes and hair..shit that was so gay :D
Norton would have been perfect for the job..
but that is just my opinion


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Fez gets soooo pissed when they play "get your balls out" but he's hiding his emotions............ :rolleyes:
listen Fez can't be gay he has a girl in Niagra Falls Onterio Canada lol
Or maybe thats
Viagra Balls On Marios Can
Not that their is anything wrong with that
eeeeewwwwww :eek: