Mars Trip Simulation: Volunteer Today


Do you have 17 months of free time on your hands that you're not sure what to do with? Are you willing to be locked in a box with a bunch of strangers for the entire time? Does the idea seem any cooler if I tell you it's for a Mars expedition simulation, being run by the European Space Agency?
The ESA is preparing to run a 17 month test to simulate a human expedition to Mars and is looking for volunteers to join the project and spend the duration in an isolation tank. Volunteers will live and work in a series of modules in the tank, located at a research institute in Moscow. The test will be accurate to the point of a simulated "radio delay" to communications, getting longer and longer as the test progresses. The goal is to see how the crew will react in close quarters and heavy workload of a mission for an extended period of time.
So if you've got some free time coming up, and can make it out to Moscow, you might want to give the ESA a ring. More details at the BBC News story linked below
or bbc:

If they were really going to Mars, i would volunteer.


The reward is cheese.
if i volunteer, will i get to meet that three-breasted hooker?