Marvel and DC Join Forces To Save Cat


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While Batman may be teaming up with Superman in the Man Of Steel movie, in real life he’s teaming up with Captain America to rescue cats.

It sounds like the plot of a comic book: Batman and Captain America were spending the day at the American Legion Post when the call came in. A house was on fire and a cat was trapped inside. The dynamic duo rushed to the scene and saved the cat … even though they weren’t really superheroes, but were merely wearing costumes.

The two real life heroes, John Buckland and Troy Marcum, had been entertaining children at a West Virginia American Legion Post in conjunction with Buckland’s “Heroes For Hire, or H4H” education program, when they saw smoke in a nearby home. They headed to the scene — still wearing their superhero costumes, naturally — to see if they could help.

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Buckland was a firefighter before donning the bat-cape and his training kicked in at the scene. “He (Captain America) breaks out the window,” Buckland told WCHS TV. “The smoke lets out and as I can start to see I reach down and grab something furry!” He managed to save the cat, who was trapped inside the burning home. Very surprised firefighters arrived on the scene as Buckland, dressed as Batman, resuscitated the cat. “The cat comes around,” Buckland said. “Takes a look at me, then hissed!”

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They didn't earn that crossover!


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Doesnt Batman usually beat the shit out of roided up freaks rather than team up with them?