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I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
FOX Officially Orders X-Men TV Series, The Gifted

First trailer debuting on May 15.
By Alex Gilyadov

FOX has ordered the new X-Men-connected television series, now officially called The Gifted, for the 2017-2018 TV season.

A new teaser was released to coincide with the announcement, with the full trailer debuting on Monday, May 15. It's currently not known how many episodes the first season will consist of and when the show will premiere on FOX. X-Men movie director Bryan Singer directed the pilot episode from a script from Burn Notice creator Matt Nix, and Nix will serve as showrunner. The Gifted is co-produced by Marvel and Fox, following the two partnering on Legion for FX.

The series follows the story of two ordinary parents (True Blood's Stephen Moyer and Person of Interest's Amy Acker) who find out their children have mutant powers. The family are forced to run from a hostile government and join an underground network of mutants who're fighting for survival.

Along with Moyer and Acker, The Gifted also stars Jamie Chung (Once Upon A Time) as the mutant Blink; Blair Redford (Switched at Birth, Satisfaction) as the mutant Thunderbird; Caitlin; Natalie Alyn Lind (Gotham) as one of their mutant children, Lauren; Percy Hynes White (Defiance) as Andy; Coby Bell (Burn Notice) as Jace; and Emma Dumont (Pretty Little Liars) as Polaris.

Bryan Singer also revealed that Stan Lee will have a cameo in the pilot. Earlier this year, Matt Nix confirmed The Gifted will be connected to the X-Men movies in some capacity.


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.


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I watched the first episode. I liked it. No masterpiece, but better than lots of trash on tv now. And, as stated above, "dem titties".