masking tape


well shit the bed
well fez man, what are some suggestions? are any particular brands better than others? viable seasonings?
inquiring minds want to know.


Darkness always says hello.
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as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
lol well...... i do have a masking tape habit that is worse than my cigarette habit, this is my preferred brand and flavor ;

i go through about a roll a week also i dont swallow it but i chew it like gum


MMMM , lime flavored

Or is it avocado ?
tss, you'll get a tapeworm or sumpin'....


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
it has a flavor of its own, kind of bitter but not completely unpleasant, what i actually am after is the texture, its kind of like a piece of bazooka gum that has been chewed way way too long, its still gum like in consistency but it is really tough, the old tan tape used to separate into two parts one like chewing paper the other was soft gummy, the new green tape stays homogeneous. one thing i do is not allow it to lay around and i wont eat any that's been rolling around the floor of the shop. i have a roll that hangs on the side of my box that i try to hit off of but sometimes i just need it and what ever roll is in my hand will go in my mouth.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
lol..... yep walked into that one.....

on an even funnier note i chipped a toof last week, i was gnawing away on a nice hunk of tape and put two tech screws in my mouf to hold them, yep forgot that the screws were in my mouth and bit down on one of them. talk about ass puckering nothing like the feeling of biting down on something that wont give