Mass shooting at Christchurch Mosque. Oy Vey!

Three muzzies down for the count so far. Some reports on the Twitter of up to 30 deaths.
New Zealand police respond to reports of shooting in Christchurch

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand police deployed armed officers in central Christchurch on Friday after reports that several shots had been fired, police said in a statement.

People in centre of the city should stay indoors, police said.

Media said shots had been fired near a mosque and a witness told broadcaster One News that he had seen three people lying on the ground, bleeding outside the building.

Reporting by Charlotte Greenfield and Praveen Menon; Editing by Robert Birsel
New Zealand police respond to reports of mosque shooting

Christchurch, New Zealand, March 15, 2019 (AFP) - Armed police in New Zealand swarmed central Christchurch Friday amid reports of a shooting at a mosque in the South Island city.

"Police are currently responding to reports of shots fired in central Christchurch," the police said in a statement.

Local media reported multiple casualties at one mosque and said another had been evacuated.

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attempted murder? now honestly, what is that?
That's impossible. Guns are illegal there and were confiscated.
The dude allegedly live streamed. If legit, I'm seeing about 20 bodies in one room alone. It's graphic, but nothing I don't do in GTA all the time.

The dude (also allegebly) wrote a manifesto and posted it online a few hours before the attack.

The US and UK are obviously overrun with them. Australia has its aborigines so they have to implicitly accept diversity. New Zealand is about as far away as you can get from Muzzeys in my book. And a city called CHRIST CHURCH?!? If you believe sections that manifesto, you come to the conclusion this world is fucked and no place is safe...


Enough of this palaver
Apparently it’s still happening


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Religion and violence were not a thing until January 20, 2017


Enough of this palaver
I love the ads in the feed.....

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Billions on Showtime

You’d think there would be some kind of filter
Apparently it’s still happening
I think it's over. He drove away and started shooting again about a half mile down the road and that's what the news prolly reported as the second mosque incident.


Enough of this palaver
He’s really obsessed with Muslim immigrant birth rates

Read most of the manifesto, fancies himself a martyr (lol) for the saving of his race

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I have the t-shirt
I have no love for the muzzies, but I’m not watching that. I think you lose a little bit of your soul when you see shit like that on purpose. I still wish I had never seen that beheading video years ago of that soldier getting his head sawed off.

Between this mosque shooting and the imminent retaliation of Israel to Hamas, Rep Omar ought to make for some entertaining television over the next few days.

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Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
16 minute director's cut. "Remember, lads, subscribe to Pewdiepie!"

Jesus fucking Christ I'm watching it right now fuck off with the fucking unavailable message

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